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Man behind UKC changing cricket and making more entertaining

Man behind UKC changing cricket and making more entertaining

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NEWS360BROADCAST (Jalandhar) Kunal Sharma is an international businessman with Indian origins, however he has spent the last 25 years between Australia, UK, UAE and India growing what is today a multi faceted sports and entertainment business.

Originating from high school at the Lawrence School Sanawar in India, Kunal completed his international education in Australia in 1998. From here he continued to take the reins of his Indian owned family business in sporting goods, known as SPARTAN through Australia and the UK.

It was from here that his passion for one particular sport (Cricket) got the better of him and he decided to focus on not only the products, but the entertainment and investment sides associated with the sport. With most of the world’s most exciting and thrilling cricket superstar’s endorsing his brand, Kunal was able to build strong and stable relationships in and out of business.

After research and discussions, during his time spent in the UK and the UAE from 2019 the concept of UKC (Ultimate Kricket Challenge) was born. A gladiatorial and dramatic form of the game, a gathering of the world’s top superstar’s from almost every sports nation, it is an exciting, dramatic and to many has been dubbed the ‘future’ of cricket in the short form.

In 2021 and 2022 two events took place at the dynamic Coca Cola Arena in Dubai, with what promised was an exciting showcase of what is to come! The gathering of the cricketing superstars from around the world for the 3 day event was a taste of what is likely to be a quarterly annual event. Not only in Dubai but with hopes of expanding venues to Abu Dhabi, UK, India, Australia just to name a few.

Although the excitement of watching this spectacular game live can be extremely tempting, you do not have to be physically present in these destinations to view the game. The world’s top sports broadcasters will showcase this LIVE on their digital networks to be viewed globally by millions of fans.

To complement this game but an asset in its own right is the new venture of Mr Sharma, known as the UKC Coin, where fans and investors alike can own their own slice of cricketing history! The UKC Coin is an exciting new development for the ever expanding CRYPTO world of the future due to be launched with the very next UKC event in the UAE.

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